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Equation {{{equation}}}
Fields {{{fields}}}
Data class {{{data}}}
Basic characteristics
Structure {{{hamiltonian}}}
Nonlinearity {{{nonlinear}}}
Linear component {{{linear}}}
Critical regularity {{{critical}}}
Criticality {{{criticality}}}
Covariance {{{covariance}}}
Theoretical results
LWP {{{lwp}}}
GWP {{{gwp}}}
Related equations
Parent class {{{parent}}}
Special cases {{{special}}}
Other related {{{related}}}

How to use this template

To insert an infobox such as the one on the right onto any page, add the following text near the top of the page (and edit the text in angled brackets appropriately):

 | name = <name of equation>
 | equation = <formula for equation>
 | fields = <the fields involved in the equation>
 | data = <the initial data class> 
 | hamiltonian = <the degree of hamiltonian structure>
 | linear = <the linear component of the equation>
 | nonlinear = <the strength of the nonlinearity>
 | critical = <the scale invariant initial data class>
 | criticality = <subcritical, critical, or supercritical>
 | covariance = <the geometric symmetry group>
 | lwp = <best known local wellposedness>
 | gwp = <best known global wellposedness>
 | parent = <more general equation>
 | special = <more specific equation>
 | related = <related equations>

The template will also add the page to the Equation category, and to one of the categories Shrodinger, Wave, or Airy depending on the parameter linear.

See for instance the page on NLS for an instance of this template in action.

Some commentary on the less self-explanatory of these tags: