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  • Oct 29 2000: Local/Global wellposedness page created.
  • June 18 2004: Local/Global wellposedness page updates cease due to increasing complexity of project and decreased available time.
  • July 19 2006: DispersiveWiki created. Material from old LWP/GWP page ported over.
  • Aug 7 2006: DispersiveWiki opens to public.
  • Oct 31 2008: Dispersive Wiki moves to another machine with software upgrades.

Current projects/To Do list

  • Dispersive Wiki Software and Machine update? Tumur has suggested that the MediaWiki software on which the Dispersive Wiki is based be upgraded. This would enable more advanced features in the latest version of MediaWiki to be used on the Dispersive Wiki. The Dispersive Wiki is currently hosted on one machine purchased in 2003 running an older version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. We are looking into buying another machine to host the Dispersive Wiki with upgraded software. Colliand 14:38, 22 August 2008 (EDT)
Update: Marco de la Cruz-Heredia and James Colliander are working on an update of the machine and MediaWiki software. The machine is up and running but some issues with displaying math expressions and the updated version of MediaWiki remain. We hope to resolve these problems soon and will then move the dispersive wiki to the new machine. Colliand 15:09, 8 October 2008 (EDT)
Update Marco de la Cruz-Heredia and James Colliander have moved the dispersive wiki onto a new linux box. The mediawiki database software that underlies the dispersive wiki has been upgraded to current version. Colliand 19:22, 31 October 2008 (UTC)
We may also want to create more specific reference templates, for books and series, since the current template is pretty much designed for articles.
  • Bibliography update: References have not been updated since 2004. Many preprints are now published (requiring some updating of the relevant reference pages), and several relevant papers and preprints need to be added as well.
  • Re-edit equations pages to take advantage of the equation template.
  • Wiki cleanup: Due to HTML to Wiki conversion, not all pages are formatted properly.
  • Stub expansion: Many stub articles need expanding.
  • Red links: Many requested pages are currently blank, and should be converted into stubs or full articles.
  • The Dispersive Wiki needs to be better integrated with other mathematical content on wikipedia. In particular, more interlinking with the PDE page on wikipedia would be helpful.
  • Survey the work of G. Perelman and the series of works by F. Merle and P. Raphael on the log log blowups for -critical NLS.
  • Performing a search on the words "open", "conjecture" will identify problems that need to be linked to the open problems page.

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