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Reference format

DispersiveWiki gives each reference a unique page to contain the bibliographic data to that page, together with any relevant links and other annotations. Example: (KnPoVe1989).

The Bibliography category page lists all the bibliography pages currently available at DispersiveWiki.

Citing a reference

To refer to a reference in any other article, we enclose the name for that reference in double brackets (just as with any other link). Example: This result is proven in ([[KnPoVe1989]]). => This result is proven in (KnPoVe1989).

If you do not know the name for the reference, you may search for it using the in-built wiki search box. Alternatively, you may visit the Bibliography category page or the legacy bibliography page to hunt for the page; see also our naming conventions for references.

Updating a reference

To update or correct an existing reference, simply visit that reference page and edit it as you would with any other page. Many existing references need to be re-edited using the bibliography template.

We also welcome annotations or commentary on any given reference (e.g. links to MathSciNet, mention of related, prior, or subsequent work, etc.), which can also be placed on that page using the edit feature.

If a reference becomes published, the reference page may need to be moved in accordance with our naming conventions. This can be easily accomplished using the "move" tab. It may be necessary to use the "What links here" tool to find all pages which refer to that reference, and update the links accordingly (though links to the previous name will still be redirected correctly).

Creating a new reference

If you wish to add a new reference to DispersiveWiki, please perform the following steps.

  1. Check if the reference already exists somewhere, using the in-built search function or by visiting the Bibliography category page.
  2. If no reference page exists, determine what name the reference should be assigned using ournaming conventions.
  3. Enter that name into the search box, and click on the "create this page" link. Alternatively, link to that reference from a page which would cite that reference, click on that link, and then begin editing.
  4. Copy the bibliography template, paste it into the editor, and enter in the bibliographic data. You may wish to inspect the source for an existing reference (e.g. Ta2004 and then click edit) to get some idea of how to do this, and how to perform basic markup such as italicization and bold.