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Welcome to the sandbox! Please feel free to edit this page as you please by clicking on the "edit" tab at the top of this page. Terry 14:58, 30 July 2006 (EDT)

Some basic editing examples

  • You can create a link by enclosing a word or phrase in double brackets. Example: [[well-posed]] => well-posed
  • You can italicize using double apostrophes, and boldface using triple apostrophes. Examples: ''ad hoc'' => ad hoc; '''Miura transform''' => Miura transform.
  • LaTeX-style equations can be created using the <math> and </math> tags. Example: <math>M(u(t)) = \int_{\R^d} |u(t,x)|^2\ dx</math> => .
  • Bulleted un-numbered lists (like this one) can be created by placing an asterisk * at the beginning of each item. Numbered lists are similar but use #. One can nest lists using ** and ##, etc.
  • Create new sections using two equality signs = on each side of the section name (edit this sandbox for some examples).
  • You can sign your name using three or four tildes: ~~~ or ~~~~.

this is the sandbox.

Testing MathJax

$$ \int_a^b f'(s) ds = f(b) - f(a). $$ It works!