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How to use this template

Insert the text (currently all but year parameters are optional)

 | author = <list of authors> 
 | title = <title> 
 | booktitle = <book title> 
 | editor = <list of editors> 
 | year = <year of publication> 
 | series = <series (optional)> 
 | volume = <series volume (optional)> 
 | publisher = <publisher (optional)> 
 | address = <address (optional)> 
 | arxivid = <arXiv number (optional)> 
 | mathsciid = <mathsci number (optional)> 

in an incollection bibliography page. It will automatically add the page to the Articles, and the appropriate year of publication category. Note that one must place this template between <noinclude> and </noinclude> in order not to categorize as bibliography the pages with the article page in the Reference section. Also, do not leave any newline character in the article page as it will appear wherever the article page is transcluded in a references list.

For an example of this template in action, see RenFri2000.

See also the incollection categorization template.