Vlasov-Maxwell equation

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The Vlasov-Maxwell equations equations are given by

where is the particle density (and is non-negative), is the current density, is the charge density, and is the relativistic velocity. The vector fields E(t,x) and B(t,x) represent the electromagnetic field. x and v live in R^3 and t lives in R. This equation is a coupled wave and conservation law system, and models collision-less plasma at relativistic velocities.

Assuming that the particle density remains compactly supported in the velocity domain for all time, GWP in C^1 was proven in GsSr1986b (see also GsSr1986, GsSr1987. An alternate proof of this result is in KlSt2002. A stronger result (which only imposes compact support conditions on the initial data, not on all time) regarding solutions to Vlasov-Maxwell which are purely outgoing (no incoming radiation) is in Cal-p. The velocity demain hypothesis can be removed in the "2.5 dimensional model" where the x_3 dependence is trivial but the v_3 dependence is not GsScf1990. Further results are in GsSch1988, Rei1990, Wol1984, Scf1986 The non-relativistic limit of Vlasov-Maxwell is Vlasov-Poisson, in which the electromagnetic field is replaced by . Considerably more is known for the existence theory of this equation.